Regulates the implementing provisions for the management of "guests and visitors" entrances

The service is available in its basic functionality FREE for 3 MONTHS!

How to use EasyBadge?


Get same badge holders

Or buy them from your trusted dealer


La registrazione, non comporta nessuna richiesta di addebito, ed è subito disponibile e puoi immediatamente creare i punti di raccolta gestione badge.


Print the badges from the section "Print Badges"

Esempio Badge001

Export the file in "PDF" format, with the badges to be printed and send it to the competent staff:

Download PDF demo, click on icon

Some accessories that might be useful to you:

Who can use the GUESTBOOK service?

Different structures can use the service and try it without commitments and investments

The receptivity of a business is very important, and the people who land are even more important. Some of our customers use it for:

  • Facilities: tourism and wellness
  • Access to buildings, with offices and services
  • Activities with studies and workshops
  • Travel Consultants: people, with shared passions and interests
  • Places of interest: exhibitions, museums
  • Co-working, shared offices
  • Management of large structures with visitors and maintenance staff

How to use EasyBadge

  1. Register now, it's free and allows you to try the system;
  2. Retrieve horizontal or vertical badge holders or one of these available on the internet
  3. Access the dedicated portal of
  4. Create your sites and give it a NAME
  5. Create / Print numbered and personalized BADGE

Our customers


Site management example

The following video shows how an operator can access the site management without having to register, but only operate:

How did we do it?

Made to test the safety of the new Ruby On Rails 6.

  • A phenomenal time rate
  • Superb security
  • Development in MVC environment, acronym for Model, View and Controller

MariaDB is a DBMS born from a fork of MySQL created by the original programmer of that program. This is an evolution of MyISAM. Wikipedia

Redis is an open source memory-resident key-value store with optional persistence. Wikipedia

All on Linux, Is a family of Unix-like open source operating systems, published in various distributions, having the common characteristic of using the Linux kernel as a core: today many important ... Wikipedia

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