Port Areas and Complex Facility Systems


Complex management is a reality where you have countless interactions with customers, suppliers, hauliers and visitors at your premises.

Such a high level of logistics and personnel movement must leave nothing to chance.

From a first analysis, access to this site consists of:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Visitors
  • Services Societies
  • Truck & Transporter
  • Curriers
  • Public services
Where employee and customer management is predominant, the first utility that a complex company requires, the other figures must be managed.

"EasyBadge.net: Optimize Access Control to Manage Visitors, Vendors, Transporters and More!"

In the world of security and facilities, access management goes well beyond the supervision of employees and customers. As security needs and operational complexity increase, it is essential to adopt innovative solutions that can effectively manage a diverse range of users, including visitors, suppliers, transporters and more.

EasyBadge.net stands out as a powerful web and mobile tool designed specifically to meet these needs. Thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, it allows security and facility managers to efficiently and securely manage access for all figures involved in company operations.

Imagine being able to simplify,

   the process of registering visitors, easily tracking the entry and exit of suppliers and monitoring the movements of transporters in real time, all from a single intuitive platform. With EasyBadge.net, all this becomes a reality.

Furthermore, the ability to easily integrate EasyBadge.net with existing security and facility systems allows for hassle-free implementation, ensuring a smooth transition and unified access management.

Why invest in solutions like EasyBadge?

  • Investing in solutions like EasyBadge.net not only optimizes operational efficiency, but also strengthens the overall security of the company.
  • Choosing EasyBadge.net means embracing innovation and putting the safety and well-being of employees, customers and visitors at the center.
  • Revolutionize your access management today with EasyBadge.net and take your security and facilities to the next level.
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