What we have done to support the COVID-19 problem

The initial idea is to be able to store some less invasive information as possible, based on the privacy provisions of the various countries, we try to limit the information to an informative value. The first version allowed to memorize if the temperature state was higher or lower than 37 ° celsius, indicating the only information that the temperature is high and not high.


Now we have done a little more, because we can memorize the fact that the access documents to the site supervision are in order. It is only a first step due to pure management. Unfortunately, the indications of the nations and the matters of data protection are decisive for the functioning of the procedure.

Our intent was to provide tools for storing documents, for the proper performance of tasks. Suppliers, customers and visitors sometimes need valid and up-to-date certifications to fulfill their task. Many managers do not have an information container capable of being punctual and useful at the right time.

The multiple definitions, legal and protective, not easily conducive to a software solution, do not allow us to be explicit, but allow us to memorize that everything is in compliance with the regulations, for those waiting for a person at their business.

Thanks to all of you, for the feedback that every day makes us understand how to improve!

This new feature allows us to support you in the coming days, without asking for a particular subscription or anything else, but only for your satisfaction.

Data Badge example

High body temperature?

Indicate if the person has a temperature above 37.5 ° C

Situation of "access documents"

Indicate whether the person has valid or invalid documents or does not have them

Log what changes?

The registration reports of their activities are enriched with these 2 information to be of help to investigations. 

This information will develop in the future, but we will require updates on "Terms Conditions“. 

There are 2 columns on the right that show what was stored at the time of registration. This information is also available in the PDF report and can be exported based on the column selection.

Log with temperature and documents


Our service info@easybadge.net thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Soon TEAM EasyBadge.

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